An Introduction to Cancer Care for Nurses

COVID-19 Protocols:The Cancer Foundation, the venue and our facilitators are compliant with the South African legislation regarding the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

About the Programme:Nurses play an important role in cancer treatment delivery, patient information and symptom management, as well as psychological and supportive care. Nurse education needs to respond to the changing nature of disease. This introductory oncology programme was developed for nurses working in Africa and other developing countries, with our unique challenges.

Target Audience:The programme is aimed at:- nurses that are new to the oncology setting- nurses who have been working in the oncology setting, and may not have undergone any formal training

How the Course is Delivered:The induction programme is delivered through - a one day face-to-face workshop a learner resource manual that includes self-assessment questions that prepare the learner for a post-induction assessment.

Support and Monitoring:Ongoing support and monitoring is provided:- For the trainers in the delivery pf the programme- Registration and ongoing support for learners for the duration of the programme (3 months)- Post-induction assessment of the nurses who have completed the workshop.- a Learner Resource Manual that includes self-assessment questions that prepare nurses for a post-induction assessment.

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